The judge he put me down for life because I was a stone

They never got the money back because I never told

Well half of twenty five went by before they set me free

I know the game I know they play it they're gonna follow me

Newspaper men crawl around with me say they want the storyline

but I ain't gonna tell to them why I served the time

I know the boys are waiting in the cafe across the way

They wanna know where the money Where it is it's gonna stay

Oh caught in the middle of a crossfire

Gun on my left gun on my right Crossfire

Well I ain't going nowhere 'cos I kinda like this place

Until the heat cools down ain't gonna show my face

I tried to get some sleep someone's ringing on the phone

Why can't they all just go away and leave me alone


Just when I think I'm verging on the brink of freedom

someone from the past turns to me and asks

'Are you going somewhere If so then lead on'

I don't pay no rent it's on the house I still got friends I found

They'll all be on my good books when the time it comes around

Till then I'll sit here patiently and bide my time each day

and when I'm free and flying that'll be the time to pay