He Wants To Get Married
He believes in the family unit

The union of man and wife

He believes that you stand before God

For better, for worse and beyond this life

He believes that a ring on his finger

Is something to be proud of

For all of the world to witness

That he is committed to this love

He wants to get married

He'll build a house in the country

Where he'll watch his children grow

And teach them the values of something

That most people never even know

He wants to get married

I never thought I would be so blessed

To know a man like this

He's everything, everything I believe that a man should be

And when he is called to his maker

He wants to go to his grave

With his final remembrance of this earth

To be one last look at his wife's face

He wants to get married

He wants to get married

Oh, he wants to get married

But not to me