World Of Smiles
World Of Smiles


Pleasure Victim

I'm thinking

faces changing pictures come to mind

try to change the subject


stare reveal me, still i want to know

capture time in a photograph

well i say "how do you do"

shatters my mirrored view

if only your lie would disappear

why don't you plaster your face

then i just might believe

i'll crack you open, smash you down

i repeat

your mad charade

this s. r. game you play's a freeze


greetings and smiles

you've got yours now i've got... mine

i've got to swallow your pride

shallow men hear no rhyme

furniture shifts as you walk by

why don't you look in my eyes

what do you see in there

plastic melts in a world of smiles

i'm laughing

hurt me, hurt me, now the joke's on you

satisfy your conscience

stop talking, stop talking

tear me open and leave me here to bleed

cut me up, cut me down to size