Valleys of Neptune ... Arising
I feel the ocean swaying me ...

washing away all my pains.

See where I was wounded,

Remember the scar ?

Now you cant see a thing ...

And I feel no pain --

Singing about the Valley of Sunsets

Green and blue ... Canyons too

Singing about Atlantis love songs.

The Valleys of Neptune is arising.


Mercury liquid ... Emeralds shining

Telling me where I came from --

Honey Sun ... Pourquise Bed he

lays in -- ... on the Burning

edge Horizon.

Im sailing on the Bluebirds mission ...

Bubble and curls and tiptoes in the foam --

See the wind make love to all

the ocean ... Joy spread and

the massage got home --

Singing about the Valley of Sunsets ...

Purple and gold ... the Armies of the Lord

Before ancient Egypt, there were moon trips ...

The Valleys of Neptune is arising --


Look out East coast, but youre

gonna have a neighbor,

A rebirth land ...

the praying Burning Sands.

We know there were worlds

so much older ...

And they shall rise, and

tell us much more the truth of man --


I see visions of sleeping peaks

erupting ...

releasing all hell that

will shake the Earth from end to end --

And this aint bad news, good news,

or any news ... its just the truth,

Better save your souls while

you can --

Singing about the New Valleys

of the Sunrise ... Rainbow clean,

the world is gonna be ...

Singing about getting ready for the new tide ...

The Valleys of Neptune is arising.