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This list contains an index of PLTT releases by file name, and the

last date they were updated. Updates include additions, corrections,

discoveries, and format alterations. Check it periodically to make

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Official Last Updated Type of Changes

-------- ------------ --------------- When Released

prince When Released

dirty.mind When Released

controversy When Released

1999 August 14, 1993 Added flipsides

purple.rain August 14, 1993 Added flipsides When Released

parade August 14, 1993 15+ Corrections

sign.o.the.times When Released

black.album When Released

lovesexy When Released

batman When Released

graffiti.bridge When Released

diamonds.and.pearls When Released

o+v July 2, 1993 10+ Corrections & Edits



PLRFC Index August 14, 1993

crucial When Released