Strip Cartoon
Fish & chips and paper lips and a rainy pavement,

Soho lights and another night thinking of you.

Black cat sat on a wall and set me talking,

Suggesting ways and means that I might well smile

As you leave the place where you work until twelve-thirty

And the policemen nods as you pass along his beat.

Sweaty feet, [???], we're all in the same game lately.

Life's no bowl of cherries; it's a black and white strip cartoon.

I've been warned that you and your friends are crazy.

[???] the gentlemen,

Who, while they drool, trying to keep cool, spill their scotch & water.

But I'm not that way, I must say I'd much prefer to see

You in your texturized rubber rainwear around twelve-thirty.

Come and play, shades of grey, in my black & white strip cartoon.


Strip cartoon is all I'm after,

Strip cartoon is all I crave.

So come to my place around twelve-thirty,

'Cause I'm a leading politician at a dangerous age.

[Repeat Chorus]

Strip cartoon.

[Repeat Chorus