Tendency To Start Fires
Strange zoo, strange blaze.Douse my head in flames.Coming through

gotta get some. Happiness is a bad son. Forceps, kitchen tools.

Deconstruct, your every move.Feel better when you're here.Guillotine

just got here.Back bend, back break please yourself to make it rate.

Live it all on your own cost, so many just got lost.Leaning for fire,

leaning to fire, leaning to fire.Heres tomorrow man, best of my ability.

Chasing what I can, here's tomorrow man.Instinct, bare boned light it

up, take it home.You will be all things, you'll get what you bring.Leaning

to fire, leaning to fire, leaning to fire.Here's tomorrow man.Best of my

ability.Chasing watercans, heres tomorrow man.Best of my civility with

our own tongue.Here's tomorrow man.