Satans Doom
Behold the one called Lucifer

Eternally damned in the caverns of despair

His mind infested with hate for you

May every soul of his death be aware

We reject you Satan, the prince of hate

You'll pay dearly for the atrocities you've done

Your head will be crushed and vile gore spurt

It'll be all over for all who hate the son


Choose-not to die


Vengeance is mine saith Almighty God

Whatever you sow, you'll reap

Unlimited power is found in Christ

You must arise from your deceptive sleep

Come before the writhing flames

Wittness the death of your spell

For Satan is stripped of all stregnth and power

Left helpless to burn forever


Soldiers of hate on the warpath to doom

Victims of their decision to deny

Destructive consequences befall the denier

Almighty will reveal to them why

No more sacrifices required

Away with your satanic attire

Wake up misled children of wrath

Escape the consequences of the fire

Must you prolong this charade of gore

The hands of time in continual movement

The scum of the earth that you call master

Has already been defeated

Behold all this of which we speak

In genuine warning to those who'll listen

Illusion or fantasy this is neither

Decide for Christ you must hasten