I Love Music
I want you to remember all the things that i said

I want you to remember you're not better off dead

You only have a minute to go bk in the line

To bring it on home and make up your mind

I want you to remember what you came here to do

I want you to remember that im talking about you

I Love Music and I Love To feel

I love to get through, I love to get through

I Love Music and I Love To Yell

In my soul i am running getting nearer

For many years of only hope you'd never leave

You are my faith you are my friend you are my family and i am coming

So we can live forever more in total love

You're in my soul (you're in my soul)

And i am running (i am running)

Getting nearer (i am always gettin nearer)

For many years (for many years)

Of only hope (of only hope)

You'd never leave (for many years i hoped you'd never leave)

You are my faith (my faith)

You are my friend (my friend)

You are my family (my family)

And i am coming (and i am coming)

So we can live (so we can live)

For ever more (for ever more)

In total love (so we can live forever more)

In total love

I'm not about to die i'm not a settin sun i look into your eyes and see what has begun

I'm not about to die (this time we will)

(this time we will unite

Im not a setting sun (this time we will not)

(this time we will not loose you)

I look into you eyes

(we look into your)

(we look into your eyes and)

And see what has begun

(and see what)

(what has)

(and see the world is...)

In my soul

I am running

Getting nearer

(i am always getting nearer)

For many years

Of only hope