walkining In Your Footsteps
Fifty million years ago

You walked upon the planet so,

Lord of all that you could see

Just a little bit like me

Walking in your footsteps

Hey Mr. Dinosaur

You really couldn't ask for more

You were God's favourite creature

But you didn't have a future

Walking in your footsteps

Hey mighty brontosaurus

Don't you have a lesson for us

You thought your rule would always last

There were no lessons in your past

You were built three stories high

They say you would not hurt a fly

If we explode the atom bomb

Would they say that we were dumb?

Walking in your footsteps

Fifty million years ago

They walked upon the planet so

They live in a museum

It's the only place you'll see um.

Walking in your footsteps....

They say the meek shall inherit the earth....

Walking in your footsteps...