Dominated Resurgency

The brain reels with pain.

Immobilized, lying in wait.

Entrance by what you feel.

Sent forward to uphold hate.

Feel the urge.


Do you suffer?

Are you crazy now?

Heavy breathing.

Craving hunger.

Dispense pain.

Disciple of abhorrence.

To feel nothing.

Abstain from any love.

To kill a life.

You live to abhor.

To kill.

End life for spite.

Hate fuels.

Your vexation.

Growing inside you.

Swelling beyond control.

Emante your sickness.

The dark takes it toll.

Living for nothing more than hate.

Your life committed ensures it's fate.

Miscreant living out your dream.

Ending life with all it's misery.

A force you have created from the ashes of your mind.

Feel it taking over as it grinds your soul.

Never escape it's anguished blow.

Lifelong curse silenced with death.

How you long to crush out life.

Satisfaction with your every act.