Geraldine And John
(words and music by Joe Jackson)

See the bright red sports car, see the happy couple

See their clothes so white and their skin so pink

See them playing squash gotta keep their bodies supple

Now they kiss goodnight but tomorrow they'll be thinking

All day long - all day long


Geraldine and John

See the happy couple - so inseparable

And the beat goes on

And for better or for worse

They are married but of course

Not to each other

Geraldine and John gotta keep it under cover

See they scheme and sweat but it's all worthwhile

Now he goes back home to a wife who's not a lover

Now her eyes are wet but tomorrow she'll be smiling

All day long - all day long


And the feeling's getting stronger

That they can't go on much longer

Somewhere down the track

Something has to crack

Geraldine just packed all her things and went to mother

Johnny seems OK happy wife happy home

See the scar on his face from the day he met her brother

But nothing hurts no more, nothing more than being lonely

All day long - all day long


(C) 1979 by Albion Music Ltd. Administered in the U.S. and Canada

by Almo Music Corp. (ASCAP)