Brother Brother
featuring Little Daddy Shane

[Big Daddy Kane]

Mmmhmm.. right, right

What we have here.. is a collaboration

of the Big Daddy Kane.. and the Little Daddy Shane

We're gonna send this out to.. all the brothers,

and sisters, around the universe

It's a tune.. a tune about unity..

and peace amongst each other

And we're gonna have some fun, peep this

The B-to-the-I-to-the-G-to-the-D



The Smooth Operator's in the place to be

[Little Daddy Shane]

The L-to-the-I-to-the-L-to-the-D



The Little Daddy Shane for the world to see

Ricky-ticky-tempo, no surrembo

Italian men, call their girls a bimbo

Puerto Rican men call their girls muchacha

Ask me how I know, cause I'm a girl watcher!

[Big Daddy Kane]

Now I must admit that I'm a sensitive guy

cause I cried on Cooley High when Cochise died

But then again at times I may be a mean fellow

Cause I didn't give a damn about the dog Old Yeller

But I love my brother (and I love him back)

I wish people of the world could be like that

So shake shake y'all (shake y'all) shake y'all (shake y'all)


Brother, brother.. help each other * repeat 2X *

[Little Daddy Shane]

I'm not Don Pardo, or Guy Lombardo

I Love Lucy, but I'm not Ricky Ricardo

I'm just a teen titan, that does some mean fightin

against any sucker MC that's seen bitin

[Big Daddy Kane]

I been through Different World's, gave them all a try

Kadeem is my man, but Jasmine's not my Guy

I wonder if the Kane ever Dawns on Lewis

It's a sin to be bad, but somebody's gotta do it

[Little Daddy Shane]

Ashes to ashes and dust to dust (uh-huh)

I can make a nun feel the need for lust (true)

I can make a new car start to rust (uh-huh)

and outround the dog on the Greyhound bus

[Big Daddy Kane]

For an MC to try to battle me freestylin

his mind must be somewhere in Fantasy Island

But I guarantee that by the time I'm through

I make him feel about the size of the midget Tattoo

Cause I love my brother (and I love him back)

And more people of the world should be like that

So swing swing y'all (swing y'all) swing y'all (swing y'all)


Brother, brother.. help each other * repeat 2X *

[Little Daddy Shane]

Rhymes that I write generate much juice

Not like Dr. Seuss or even Mother Goose

They said I was a child, but then I hit em hard

Yeah it's good to send a boy to do a man's job

[Big Daddy Kane]

Well I'm the Biggest Daddy of the macks and dons

I keep a fleet of women, probably one of them's your moms

A voice so choice that my lips should be bronzed

You got ta give me thumbs up just like the Fonz

[Little Daddy Shane]

Well I'm a new jack from the new school, too cool

But some of the times I get bizarre (word?)

And grab the microphone and catch a spell from Melle Mel

and start to yell, BRRRRAHHHHH!

[Big Daddy Kane]

While I'm up on stage I feel that it's my duty

to do somethin fly, to make you shake your booty

Because I add the flavor just like an onion

The type of guy that grows on ya, just like a bunion

But I love you Shane (and I love you Kane)

That's somethin that the whole world needs to gain

So love love y'all (love y'all) love y'all (love y'all)