My Love Is Forever

You're always on my mind
Day and night, baby, all the time (all the time)
You mean so much to me
A love like ours just had to be
You're the wind and the rain
You've got a river that takes away my pain
And the sky that's oh-so-blue
You're everything girl, don't you know I need you (need you)
U R the only thing that keeps me goin'
U R the only thing that keeps my love alive
U R the only thing that I'll ever need
U don't have to worry, you see, my love is forever

Aw, sugar, I don't have to dream
Cuz' you give me what I want
Girl, you know what I need
Forever until my love is through
I...I will love you (love you)
Oh, what does it take to make you see
That you are the only one for me