Closing Arguments (Skit)
In closing, ladies and gentlemen of the jury

I'm not gonna sit here and bore you with a long, drawn out story

or excuse, of why I think Wyclef is guilty

I'm gonna stand by the exhibits as well as the tapes

And songs such as Jeapordy, Til Novemeber, All the Girls,

and Bubblegoose, which stand side by side with my allegations

I rest my case

OK, uhh, ladiessss, and gentle-men, of the juwy

As you can see nuttin has been proven here today

DEEZ witnesses dey brought ere don't not have evidence

to incriminate my client eh?

If he's not guilty he's innocent

If he's not detrimental to the society therefore he positive!

As I say before, dis case is pure bishop

Your honor see, this, this is exactly what I'm talkin about

I mean I've been meaning to ask this the whole time

Who the hell is Bishop?


And and why the hell hasn't he been brought on the stand?

Bishop, bishop, not true, false, bishop

Ohh, bullshit!