Big Business
feat. Crunch, Shyheim

For real, for real...

yo, this is based on a true story, from a Man that lost land...

Verse 1: (Cappadonna)

I'm goin' all out, I love trout

Black is what I be about

95-south all the way up, I tear mics up

peep the conduct, wherever lightning struck

tear the jail up, truck with the mind food

truck with jewels, forget babylon rules

I'm crusin' with the angels

goin' through Parkhill, let the Gods build and all of that

graduation hats, bigger stacks

ya'll hardly ever seen besides cream

I got the vaccine for ya'll uncle Tom rappers

I told ya'll before to be easy, Devils attackin' is practice

provocative songs, yeah It's Donna, don't even panic

hold ya'll like the Atlantic

Pillage at your service

clubs start to get nervous

loose lips, it's like emptyin' clips

packed with the info, join the revolution

slang prostitution, even if you boostin'

play it like you still chill, homicide hill from the other side

my Mother sighed, strugglin, poor and tired

a Baby that never cried, a family that never died

I see everything from the outside.

Chorus -

O.T.F. and The Pillage, we all comin' through

watch your back nigga, and your girl watch it too

'cause we conduct big business, raw is how we give this

live this, thats how we conduct big business

O.T.F. and The Pillage, hide your shine nigga

when we come through, might have to jump on you

'cause we conduct big business, raw is how we live this

give this, thats how we conduct big business.

Verse 2: (Shyhiem)

I ride shotgun in Cappa's Black ML Four-Twenty

Benz Jeep with big boy heat, a Thirty-Thirty

shotgun, pull it out and s