What Yo Name Is

Girl I been watching you for a very long time

And ther's no doubt in my mind that you're not the one for me

.....can't you see

And I don't wanna seem pushy

But listen girl, your body saying something to me girl

I may be only 15

But the don't really mean that I could be here talking to you


Would you let me know

If you want me to treat you to a picture show

(don't you say no tonight)

And I wanna if you let me kiss you one time before i take you home

The suspense is killing me girl

What yo name is

Can I be the only one that you be claiming

What yo name is

When you be out with yo girls you be banging

What yo name is

Can I be the only one you be kicking it with

What yo name is,girl

Cause i know when I be spitting you be with it

Girl What yo name is, yeah

Girl all yo friends may say that I'm too young for you

Yes they do

But baby age ain't nothing cause I know what to do

yes I do

I'll be your friend and when your all alone

Talk to you all night 'til we fall asleep on the phone

So baby quit playing games

You know I'm feeling you

You know you got it that way girl


Oh, girl tell all your friends to go away

So far, far away

Cause I wanna spend my time with you

I wanna chill with you, roll with you, be with you forever and ever and ever and ever



Would you tell me or let me know it before I go