Match In The Gas Tank
When the party is cold, we bring the heat

Lethal with the mic pyro technics

Amaze the crowd, yo, and pump up the track

Pick it up, pic it up, pic it up, back


Match in the gas tank, boom, boom

We raise the flames to fulfill the room

Put a match in the gas tank, boom, boom

So you better watch your back, watch your back

Microphone check, whose the top MC?

Imma get down with it, like cotty dotty

Ain't nobody gonna tell me what to do

it's my way of doing, get out of here you fool

Better check me when I come on the m-i-c

Nobody is testing me, I blow it on the count of three

Gotta be a true fan of the Kwan,

'cuz we run things, knock it out like cerdan

Yeah, bam, here we come, pop it like gum

People on the floor really having some fun

Strike one, we ain't close to finish yet,

we got rhymes so heavy, sure to make all your clothes wet

So you're down with it? We ain't gonna stop or quit

We got plenty more and it's coming real quick

Dig it? Well, check out the sight,

'cuz we do what we do and we do it like we like

Ask Mike as I hit the 360 jam

real high above you, Kwan is the best slam

Man, you know we're hot like tabasco

We'll do what it takes to keep rocking the show

Flow in it, groove out,

put your hands real high, try to reach for the sky

Shout, if you know how we're dealing

Jump around everybody, let's break the ceiling!