Hardcore Rap Act
Intro/Hook (x2)

(*The hardcore rap act is back!*)

(*Ha ha ha ha now who's rhymin?*) HARDCORE!!!

(*The hardcore rap act is back!*)

(*No I no I ain't smilin*)

Verse 1: Dray

Yo yo

I said it first with the verse to make these niggas wanna act up

Smackin up the wack and Solid Scheme they hook the track up

So back up or swing or you'll get stung by my stinger

Heard that I was rich and now your bitch is on my dinger

Then I swing the jungle shit so fuck the humble shit

Kid I crumble shit, motherfuckers know I never fumble shit

So bring your weapon or keep it steppin or hit the deck-in

cos in a second I'ma pull a fuckin Tek-in

Start rejectin em, affect em when I kick

Y'all niggas think you're slick but y'all can suck my fuckin dick

Y'all see me gettin busy wit my man and my DJ

Strictly kickin facts and then we max like TJ

Cos we play for keeps, my peeps they don't be flakin

and if you wanna test well yes your bones is gettin breakin

or broken, no jokin, I shoot them *?in them rise?*

Fuckin with Das you wind up in hos-

-pital, so bust my riddle when I reveal it

If niggas wanna play around then stay around and feel it

cos yo...

Hook (x2)

Verse 2: Skoob, Dray

Now to my style there is no equal, boy I'm lethal like some tumours

My crew be strokin bitches like I used to stroke my pumas

wit my toothbrush, see I do just what I wanna

I got that from my pops and from some niggas on the corner

So you never catch me rappin about no shit like the Government

but I be snappin on MC's like your bitch snap on double mega of a


and a burner and I keeps the 2 ready

to hit you in your chest like Steve Young do Jerry

Rice, be nice and stock slice by umbilical

Knew that I would be the ill-form freaker of the syllables

And son is rugged, you're gonna love it in an instant

See I smoke blunts but yo my pops smokes Winstons

Well it's the D-A-S, I can't forget the E-a

F-a to the X so when I flex y'know I bein

a fatter wrecker nigga on the mic with my strategy

Kids is mad at me cos they ain't as fuck as bad as me

I takes the best of them so fuck the rest of them

I couldn't care less for them, I'm too fresh for them

I just be wreckin shop and gettin busy, nigga check it

Never actin broke cos yo I sold a fuckin record

I'm too slick for dat, suck my big dick for that

Don't try to trap my rap cos yo I'm too quick for that

I got the recipe and yes it's me with my crewin

So if you didn't know, well nigga this is how we do it


Hook (x2)

Verse 3: Skoob

Abara-cadabara, return of the punk MC batterer

I'm mad at the system like them niggas up in Attica

From more ways and your ways I rip shit like dat

Cos there's more ways son, you wanna skin a fuckin cat

Yo it's the rootin-tootin-nig'-shoot-to-give nigga with the superdest

flow, son you'll get no wins cos I been

lurkin in the murky waters of my starvin shark style

Ever since the days of the Clarks and the Argyles

Quick I rip shit to bits like piranha

When I blow up the spot wit more watts than Rolanda

and when I come thru I'm hittin you up with the 1-2

Teks, flex raps like Bruce Lee flex the kung-fu

Look at my tongue, do it what it feel like, get ill-like

that fat nigga my game is all-skirt tight

Use to fuck with shorty's wit the jelly playin celly

now my name is on your flyers and my tyres ain't Pirrelli

wit the chrome dip, so don't flip cos shit's gon' get heated up

I'm weeded up, yo Dice I need a cut

Bring it!

Hook (x2)