The Conspiracy (Dirty)
Green Lantern

Okay (Yeah)

It's about that time again (Haha)


Green Latern (That's Right)

G-G-G-G-G Uni-(burp)

50 Cent :


Eminem :

We Back (Invasion) Part II

Green Lantern

The Conspricacy


Cause we ain't going no never stop, you just keep wasting your energy

On us, you should find something to do with your time (time)

and quit fucking with us cause we ain't fucking with you

and E must be fucking with you so much you must be gone out your mind

They say I'm day away from my entire empire crumbling

speak up your mumbling, what the fuck-a yousa bibi-bay okay big-bi-bi-baby

this is Shady I know you was bi-bi-hoping we be-be-would just go away

but weeble mable weeble wobble but we don't fall down like

Jam Master Jay's two turn table, our lable is just too stable

you're magazine so motherfucking thin you using staples

to hold it together it's turning back into a news paper

and yall got something for my ass every issue

thank you, cause I keep running out of fucking tissues

and I could diss you but god I was sick of looking at you

at least now I can see when Nike's got a new tennis shoe

but-but I guess no good news is always good good news

moving on to bigger and better things (chicka chicka jeera)

50's blowing up, he should just keep showing up

what the fuck is going on? who the fuck is Norah Jones?

Shady wait a minute, baby, leave the whore alone

Just go up there and be humble and take them awards home

Bush has declared the world a fucking war zone

meanwhile we got a war going on of our own at home

my minds fucking blown, trying to figure out how to fight my own clone -acapo