I Am Here (Estoy Aqui)
I know you won't come back,

everything that was;

Time has left it behind.

I know that you won't return.

What happened between us

will never be repeated.

Even when a thousand years pass,

it won't be enough to fade you away

and to forget.

And now I'm here,

Trying to turn valleys into cities

Mixing the Sky with the Sea.

I know I let you escape,

I know I lost you

And nothing can be the same;

A millenium can reach

and still you won't fade away.


I'm still here, loving you,


in photographs and scrapbooks,

in objects and momentos.

I can't comprehend,

I'm driving myself mad.

Changing a foot for

my own face;

This night for a day.

And there's nothing I can do about it.

The letters I wrote,

I never sent.

You didn't want to know of me.

I can't understand

how foolish I was;

It's all a matter of time and faith.

A millenium with another thousand years,

are enough to love you still


If you still think something of me...

You know I'm still waiting for you...

(Repeat Chorus)