Unholy War
From the start of life

To your dying day

In the dark of night

And in the burning light of day

It's a bloody fight

And you can't walk away

There's no rest in sight

And I struggle just to slave

I'm tired of living on the front line

Of this


Unholy war, unholy war

We try, we fight, until we die

Unholy war, unholy war

You see, you know, you'll always be


I see your burning fuse

From a mile away

You take the world's abuse

Then you bow your head in shame

You gotta learn to bite the hand

That pulls your chain

There's too much sanity

It will make you go insane

I'll fight when we're all on the same side

Of this

Unholy war, unholy war

We try to fight until we die


When you're all alone - Unholy

With your thoughts of pain - Unholy

You're a burning fuse - Unholy

Can you break the strings? - Unholy

You're shaking in your boots

You met your end today (?)

Try walking in my shoes

You'll see we've all got hell to pay

And we got battle wounds

In the lion's cage

We'll all be W's

Beneath the numbers on the page (?)

As we cry til the battle is over