The way that sunlight flits across your skirt,

Makes me feel Im from another world,

To touch your face in the morning light.

I hope youre always gonna be around.

The times I struggle to understand why,

The ancient proverbs like who am i?

Why am I here and what have I done?

I see the answers place my trust in you

Trust in you love, be with me then,

Thats when I want you, thats when I need you the most.

I want us to be like peter pan

But dreams it seems are weightless as sand,

And mans supposedly is made of sand

It seems that man cannot survive at all

Lets disappear love, lets fly away

Into the demi-monde, into the twilight zone

The times inside I spent screaming at you

Release me please from this mortal jail

One shrug or smile can determine my fate,

Im lost for days and have myself to blame

Something Im giving, is yours for the taking,

Something like sunlight, love is a spotlight

Love is all sorrow, still Ill meet you tomorrow

And look forward to see you, now I cant live without you