U Me Us Calculus Dream Maker Club Mix
Written by Brian Gunn, Mark Gunn, Josh Schwartz and Brian Kierulf

Bob Buss: All those girls, block upon block upon block.

They all come here lookin for their dream boys. Heh.

Who makes those dreams?


That's what I do. That's my job.

A dream maker.

Boy bands. boy bands, boy bands.

There are 5 basic types in any successful boyband.

You got your rebel, your bad boy, one.

You got your shy, bashful type, two.

You got your little guy, your dewey-eyed youngster, three.

Four, your reassuring, older brother type.

and the heartthrob, your teen idol.

He's the guy who keeps it all together, y'know

He's the guy who's eyes are lookin at you from the poster saying, "Hold me. Take care of me."

And that boy canNOT have a tattoo!

U + me = us

U + me = us

I know my calculus

It says you plus me = us

Said I know my calculus

It says you plus me = us

Carson: I'm Carson Daly. Here we are. Total Request Live. I'm here with super megagroup 2gether.

Tell me a little about your name. 2gether, which is awesome by the way.

Jerry: Two words, Carson. Bob Buss.

Mickey: Yeah, man, the great Bob Buss, yo.

Well I've never been good at history

And I don't give a crap about Robert E. Lee

When it comes to cosines

I know a thing or two

and I kicked ass on the test about me and you


I know my calculus

It says U + me = us

Said I know my calculus

It says u + me = us

What the world needs now is boybands

Buss: Perfect! No problem. I've got a boyband!

Boy bands

Buss: What I need now is my troublemaker.

I know where the bad boys hang out.

Girl, algebra or trigonometry could never equal up

to what you do to me.

So let's intergrate

Don't differentiate

If you were in my class,

there ain't no way I could pass

I hate English, gym, and not to mention

I can't even afford to pay my attention

No philosophy could ever come between us

But we'll always have our Calculus

repeat Chorus 2x

U + me = us

U + me = us

It's not about braces really

or money or fame. or girls. heh.

u + me = us

I'ts about respect.

and integrity

Girl, no subject comes close to you

2gether sing it

I know my calculu-uhuhuhuhuhs


Jerry: I'm Jerry O'Keefe!

i'm gonna be a star.

director: and again I'm gonna be a star. arms wide! I'm gonna make it!

I'm gonna be a star!!!

okay, now make me believe it! I'm gonna make it! I'm gonna be a star!

*girls screaming