No Love Lost

Look beyond the colour

Past the covering on us to see what we are

Turn the faded pages

The mark we leave on history is what we are

Every country is part of us

Irrespective of the one where we grew up

Yes you are my sister

Though we never shared a home that's what you are

And your eyes keep shining in the darkness

Defying all the chains that's what you are

Home for the homeless, hope for the hopeless

Between the lines on your face I can read...

Nomzamo, Nomzamo...

They of the silk white breast seemingly proud

They are so much more less on the day of the vow

Here's a woman who is tired and weary

Leading resistance and still laying wreathes

How can we stand by and watch this happen?

Is this the justice we preach

It seems too much to ask for an equal, peaceful living

In a land of screams, stinging tears and broken smiles

Following through all extremes

'One who will suffer many trials'

Is this a land to inherit?

Crumbs on the table the segregated people starve

With gleeful oppression the mindless procession

Cast nonchalance out of their cars

Somewhere, sometime we pay for the crimes we incessantly do

If we believe that we are what we leave

I left a hope--what did you?

Reeling from punches which leave them winded

Reeling from laws which should be rescinded now

Nomzamo, Nomzamo...