Crushing Defeat Of The Triune Godhead

I am the broken heart of god, non-desirable child in the masquerade of holy
Proclaimer of the grimmest infernal ontogeny,
so take a step forward into my bacchanal feast,
'cos now im your god.

I am...embodiment of Satan, incarnation of pain, earthly unholiest power.
Antidote against the religious dirt, and the fix in the veins of divinity.

I am..the way..the saviour..all that you need for...a stone on your grave.

Satanic praise-extreme way become inured to fell the hellfire in it's rebellion
There's nothing to stop the passion for Devil and for the carnal sacriledge,
which give birth to your child.

I didn't need you to baptize or pray, for me you were dead forever...
you are dead forever.

Do you realize my reality, in it's blasphemy...pagan cruelty.
When i look down on you, you fucking fuck, i feel sick about your way,
how you sold your soul in overprice...for nothing.