Pledge Pin

Watch them go, 'cuz one by one they rise to fall

Hearts in tow

It's just a game she's only having fun

She laughs and turns away

Surprised, she mocks "It's all the same,

tonight's the loss, tomorrows' gain"

and in the end it's so.


Stand in line, 'cuz one by one they march in time

in the wings, we stand and watch these foolish things go by

just preparing for the play

aloof she moves, the confidante with practiced step

memory dance, she executes her role, role.

And as the cavalcade begins to thin do you stop and look around

free to choose but not to win

you're just too late, your show is at an end

now you're the victim of your game

through your fingers, watch them slip

familiar moves just hit and miss

the one who never slows