Promise [Remix]

Girl listen

When I be sittin' at home all by myself now

I be sayin' damn I had a good girl

You know?

You don't even realize how hard it is

To find somebody like you till they gone

You know what I mean?

If you'll let me just, come back in your life

I-I'll never do it again, I promise


Down at the studio trying to make tracks

Girl at home all over my back

Everytime I say that's what I'm doing

She just thinks it's an excuse

Cause I'm out try-na get some new snatch

Now I realize that I don't work too hard

To keep in here in my life, I've done came to far

For me to turn around girl

Ain't none of that shit going down girl

So believe me when I say

1 - Girl you know you're the only one in my life

I know I've been wrong

But I'm try-na live right

I'll leave my life if it makes it right

I promise, girl I promise, I promise

2 - I promise

I'mma stay out of these streets

I promise

You'll never be hurt by me

I promise

To be the n-i-g

Cause all along you can get at me

I promise

That wasn't in my head

I promise

You ain't gotta worry about me

No more, no more

Girl just believe, I promise


I promise baby, I'mma be the best man

I don't even know how to be

I promise no more Monday nights at the gentleman's club

It's all about you


Believe I really meant it when I said I left it back

See me in the streets and I'm not about that

Said that I'mma be there and I know maybe you can see

That I'mma be there

Whenever just cause you're my lady

I'mma show you just what you deserve

Tell you, you ain't wai