Bounce That Azz(feat. King George, Silkk, and Gangsta T
-Hey yo P! Wuzzup, dawg? I heard you been out in California, ballin outta


-Yeah, but I'm back home now!

-Hey, yo, holla at ya boy, though!

-Down South hustlin, little Raleigh, we put you on the map yet, dawg?

-Since you back Down South, man, what you got to tell me, though?

[Chorus (5X):]

Bounce that azz, bounce that azz, you hoes bounce that azz

(You shouldn't of wore bikinis if you came to dance. Pull them draws out ya

azz and let ya knees shake)

[Master P]

Back to the 3rd Ward, it sho feel good

Just left Cali, now I'm back in the hood

Ain't been home a week, but already gettin paid black

My homeboys fiendin for that dank, I mean that chronic sack

Bags, hella bitch, but ain't a damn thing for free

You know I'm from the Calliope so meet me on these ratta streets

A round rolled tablet, these fiends actin bad

Don't make me pop the trunk and get that tac, and tap that azz

Walked through the carway, made it to the gym

Hollered at Michael Brown, Big Willie, and Magnolia Slim

See my old girlfriend, damn she hella fine

Got three kids but ain't none of them hoes mine

Asked her is it all good for a light night creep

She said she on her way, whistled at me at a quarter to three

Gold teeth shinin, diamonds almost blinded her

And just like Brandy, I wanna be down with ya

Say it's all good, jumped in the Lexus

Mobile phone ringin, it's my cousin from Texas

Say they bouncin hard to my shit back in 5th Ward

North side, south side and south par

[Chorus (4X)]

[King George]

It's that Down South lunatic, livin harder than a brick

Breakin em down, while shakin the town, with hoes all on my dick

Doin what I gotta do, leavin them lawyers without a clue

Playa hatas mad cause my ride on them gold jewels

You hoes bounce that azz, you niggaz get the gat

Playaz in the front, where they at, where they at?

6th folks keep pimpin, you pimps keep pimpin

With a mouth full of gold, I know my shit is kickin

5th wheel caddies, tilt like yo daddy's

Bitch you pussy poppin, azz bouncin, I wanna grab it, can I have it?

[Chorus (2X)]


1 to the 2 to the 3 to the 4 to the 5

Nigga it's the S-I-L to the K but don't forget to dot the "i"

Going into that booth like steak (What?)

3rd Ward nigga, fool, N.O., LA

Pretend it's yo birthday like Lou

But we don't love you hoes like Snoop

But like H-Town I wanna knock some boots

(Why?) Just a fool like that

(Why you so laid back?) I'm just cool like that

Game fuckin tight, nigga, a step above

A nigga fully strapped so I steps in the club

1 little, 2 little, 3 little dog bitches

4 little, 5 little, 6 little dog bitches

7 little, 8 little, 9 little dog bitches

Now which one of you hoes is comin home with me?

Pffft! Pffft! Lodi Dodi, who came to party?

I'm not Slick Rick but I'm leavin with somebody

We just some Down South niggaz who rock the mike

Don't give a fuck, cause bounce all night

[Chorus (2X)]

[Gangsta T]

Pull me out to the ballin, and watch em get served

Bouncin in the U-haul, gettin full of that herb

All them stuntin ass niggaz finna give it up (lay it down)

Lightin up the whole block as I stuff em in the truck

Bitches this the payback, for them weak ass ?twav? sacks

Save that shit for to poppa (us Down South niggaz don't play that)

A bout it ass nigga from that boot

(Tell em dawg) all of that is my nature, to up a AK

Ain't takin no shorts, already lost in this system

Either bounce or get bounced, so you hoes get with it

[Chorus (2X)]

Uptown (bounce that azz, ho)

Downtown (bounce that azz, ho)

The West Bank (bounce that azz, ho)

Louisiana (bounce that azz, ho)

Texas (bounce that azz, ho)

Oklahoma (bounce that azz, ho)

Florida (bounce that azz, ho)

Memphis (bounce that azz, ho)

Alabama (bounce that azz, ho)

Georgia (bounce that azz, ho)

Mississippi (bounce that azz, ho)

Arkanasas (bounce that azz, ho)

Missouri (bounce that azz, ho)

Carolina (bounce that azz, ho)

California (bounce that azz, ho)

Everybody (bounce that azz, ho)

[Chorus (4X)]

Roll a nigga dick and get fucked, bitch. Roll a nigga dick and get fucked

bitch. Ha, ha, ha!Ya'll so nasty! Master P and da Down South hustlers in

this muthafucka! (Ain't no party like a No Limit Party cause a No Limit

Party is the shit) Bout to be outty 5, now, bitch! (Ain't no party like a

No Limit Party cause a No Limit Party is the shit) No Limit Records,

Bouncin and Swingin! And stay off of my niggaz!