Unreal Mystery
You thought you'd be strong

Far from this place where you've been

When you were in safety so long

So sorry you feel

That all your strength then was gone

And all hopeful feelings were lost

This kingdom of yours

Means nothing more than a

Small tiny point in this universe

Your feelings and thoughts

Mean nothing more than a

Wasted and senseless phantom of time

And the billows of clouds

That roll around you shall sleep

In the light of wondrous days

Where hell and heaven shall leave

You free to the universe of destiny

This world's the nurse of all

Of all we know and the coming

Of death's a fearful blow

When all we know or feel

Shall pass like a so unreal mystery

Who painted all those shadows

Those shadows that are beneath the winding caves

The wide winding caves of peopled tombs

Or united the hopes of what shall be

With all the fear and the love for that which we see