Erick Sermon]

And you don't quit

Yeah pioneers one time (one time two times)

Yeah Erick Sermon boy

[Parrish Smith]

Yeah we rap where you at? (mic check)

"Check this out!"

Aiyyo who wanna step up and get their cranium cracked

from my man +Louis+ from the +Ville+ Slugger baseball bat

Cock back gats cause rugged apparel's where it's at

So stand back we flash a nine before the jack and squeeze triggers

blazin at one-hit wonder niggaz like Smoothe Da Hustler

I still sneak over and fuck your babysitter

No quitter, microphone's my transmitter

which clocks figures, in return, the track's the _Gold Digger_

[Erick Sermon]

Huh me? I buy ice for no one

Rap shogun, so I bought myself a gun

Yeah Dunn, ain't the one to be steppin to son

I agree with Slick Rick, you cats is crumbs

My squad gets Dumb and Jim Carrey you ought the buildin

messin around with God's children

I take action, like film crews

You against me, face to face, you'll lose!

Chorus: Erick Sermon, Parrish Smith (repeat 2X)

[E] Here comes two big pioneers, Rolex watches

Cars by the pairs, in stock we got shares

EPMD.. "That's right!"

[P] Legendary, hardcore b-boy is the pedigree

[Erick Sermon]

P and I don't stop, we don't quit, who's seein em?

On tracks, we Ruff Ryde like D and them

Then case the joint, like an agent, that's secret

Cats hate, so we on point frequent

E keep it decent, had to smack a dude recent

right down the block, from the precinct

See you a punk, that talk too lenient

When I speak to a motherfucker, I MEAN IT!

[Parrish Smith]

So Open Sesame, and let down the main gate

But before you scream EPMD, you should wait

Cause we roll with a posse, from Strong Long to Canarsie

QBC, Boogie Down Bronx, back to Marcy

Pass that kiko, I drop a verse that sound slick yo

and your chick know, P's hungry, like the hippoes

Suck on no nipples, but duck cats, quick to stick you

like a pin-up, workin out, and doin chin-ups


[Erick Sermon]

Huh, aiyyo my style flows, say it liquidates

It's best when it hits the beat and catch the breaks

Two time felon, fuck around with me

and my man pussycat and catch two to the melon!

[Parrish Smith]

Then I be like, "Yep yep," just like Teddy, +Raw+ like Eddie

Sweaty, when I hold shit down and bake like Betty

And when I want things to move, I blink like +Bewitched+

to handle shit in the dark, red lights, with the laser hit