Life As We Know It
First He calls out

Into your darkness

He woos gently

And you have to choose

But the choice is easy

It's light and darkness

There's an invitation

You can not refuse

Revelation - when you see where you've been

Confirmation - you've been drawn again


This is life as we know it

Forgiven and free

Life as we know it

More abundantly

Born of the Son, we can finally see

This is life as we know it


One day doubting

You're walking blindly

Through shadow's darkness

You don't feel a thing

You keep on walking

Though you sometimes stumble

Till you find assurance

Only faith can bring

Never perfect, but perfectly forgiven

Finding courage to get up again


Bent, but not broken

Tempted, but not shaken

Kept in the shadow of His wing

Held by the power

Sealed with the promise

By the One who is over everything