Go Film
I find myself inside a church deserted by the priests

as shadows shift from grey to red I notice there's no floor

transparent air suspends my weight as if I had no mass

suddenly the moon comes out from the clouded skies

wet and cold from shifting daydreams wakeful in the sleep

windowpane observing some commotion down below

waiting for the noise to come to blur the weary mind

watching as a pastime and I'm the fallen star

go film - we can all be gods

go film - we will all be heroes

go film - we are all immortal

go film - we will all be safe

go film - we are all illusions

go film - and we can never touch

I will shine again with burning light when I return

in and out from foreign shores I've gone astray in time

born to search for something I have never ever seen

on an endless quest to hostile ground and unknown lands

then the scene go back to where it started and I fall

as shadows shift from red to grey I notice there's no floor

and gravity awakes me as it throws me to the ground

a million tiny grains of dust obscures me from your eyes