Secret Secrets
I write it down in invisible ink

I write it down

Everything I want

I keep it private

Don't let nobody know

It's my secret

And I won't let go

It's my secret

And I won't let go

Do you want to join my society

Well you'll be governed

By intelligence

You've got to swear

Be reticent

And answer questions

With a number

And when you talk

No facial expressions

You've got to hold things back

And when your friends say

Give me names and dates

Don't give the answer

It's a secret

Keep it safe

Under lock and key

Keep it hid

And it's a mystery

So tighten up on security

Don't run the risk

We won't tell nobody

Though they'll want to know

It's a secret scret

And we won't let go

It's a secret

Lets keep this exclusive

A sect for two

It's a secret secret

For me and you

It's a secret secret