Von Unaussprechlichen Kulten

I Hath Dream Bleak and Grim, Desolate Visions of the Pre-Human
Serpent Volk and Communed with Long-dead Reptiles
Siliently Watching Through the Ages in Cold, Curious Apathy
The Unending Sorrows and Suffering of an Abysmal Humankind
I Dare Not Again Surrender to the Deep Sleep Which ever Beckons Me
Lest I in Dread
Shudder at the Nameless Things
That May at this Very Moment
Be Crawling and Lurking
At the Slimy Edges of My Consciousness
Slithering Forth from the Bowels of Their Infernal Pits
Worshipping Their Ancient Stone Idols and Carving Their Own
Detestable Likeness On Subterranean Obelisks of Blood-soaked Granite
I Await the Day When the Claws of Doom Shall Rise
To Drag Down in Their Reeking Talons The Weary and Hopeless Remnants of a Jaded
Decayed, War-despairing Mankind
Of a Day When the Earth Shall Open Wide and the Black,
Bottomless, Yawning Abyss Engulfs the Arrogant Civilatizations of Man
Chthonic Retribution Shall Ascend
Amidst Universal Pendemonium and Those Who Slither and Crawl
Shall Rise Again Once More to Inherit the Earth