Bad Men
Transcribed by: Azzdem, Wilderness Girl & Ro-ad

Ninjaman around again

????? problem

Ninjaman around again

????? problem

Let me ask you one thing boy

Seems to me no matter why kill

Let them pretend it's bad boy

And in the meantime he's all right

Now when they put him in a cell he's the bad boy

Ninjaman ???????

And them licence fi kill boy

And anything that he's gonna do tonight

They say man you better run ??? you're a wise man


Bad men got no law

Bad men got no stop

Bad men go nah no sittin'

With reporter ???

Bad men gonna sting

Bad men gonna see it all

You never see bad men

Gun lay down please

And they are wiser

Let me tell you boy you never come back home

But to kill don't tell them, he got no tell



Al Capone or Sylvester Stallone

Kill them all and come back alone

I'll pretend I'm brown or negro ?????

Shut out the pain and ?????


Let me tell you now

Hold me, like you would a M-16

Put your finger pon de trigger

Murder de nigger then ninja damn right

And you know me when you murder

Where the mutha are badder

Man as long as I'm barman

His life will be end ???


Well the place shut down

Man me a that one and the boy gets stabbed

Man a me and that one

And the two i didn't murder me say me a that one

?? shot in the foot me say me no that one

Me a shoot and miss that's why them come place

some will end up in a barrell then ??? space

out of the lion's den they will curse

an' yes sir Daddy me Snow me I fi quench your thirst

with a bullet in the mouth and then them rub shoulder

watch how the boy ?? run up and roll

bad boy straight out around ???????

??????? they must them know

them look in a de eye of one barrell

them a say Daddy Snow has no ???????

So many people want fi see I

Stop pulling at the trigger

So many people want fi see I

Stop pulling at the trigger

But me can't stop...

Now this is the one dem fi call Daddy Snow

Now in in a in in a dance a me say dance down low

Well Daddy bad bwoy ???? and man called snow

????????? dance down low

They say so many people want fi see I

Stop pulling at the trigger

So many people want fi see I

Stop pulling at the trigger


Let me tell ya know

shoot the boy, me I shoot and miss

Yes sir Daddy Snow, yeah me boy dismissed

Roam up in ya dance yes me did quick

Pull out me gun it's there 'pon me hip

When me dem a shoot up, boy dem get flatter

Put 'em in a ??? boy make that, so

18 19 21 10

Niggaz seen a gun, yah no see that again

Glance in the gun, no talk at all

Mother they thought that their baby in a hole

Wicked impression me bad for the skin

Murder that nigga then go dance in Berlin

Oh man me are there, them there go dancing

Here Ninjaman on the microphone boy


It is the dying time...