Eminem Freestyle - Live In Detroit

When I do pop pills I keep my tube socks filled.

And pop the same shit that got 2Pac killed.

Spit games to these hoes like a soap opera episode

Then punch a bitch in the nose 'till the whole face explodes

There's three things I hate: girls, women and bitches.

I'm that viscious to walk up and dropkick midgets

They call me boogie night, ??? that walks awkward

Stick figure, with a dick bigger than Mark Walberg

Comin' thru the outpours, sluggigh, walkin' on crutches

And hit a fuckin' pregnant bitch in the stomach with luggage

It's like a dream I can't back out, I'm back out, I'm back out

Lookin' for somebody up to beat the crap out

I'm bringin' you rap singers two middle fingers

But if you walked to France they'd translate it to english

Then I'mon vanish from the face of this planet,

Then come back speakin' so much spanish, Pun can't even understand it

Ya heard?

[screaming and yelling in the background from the crowd]