Underworld Domain
"I never lived elsewhere

Than in dimensions of fear.

My spirit is enthroned in the land

Of the silent moving shadows.

Where a deep red fountain

Keeps a thousand lakes of blood.

And the stairways to nowhere

Are the only hope

That remains to the souls...

In this eternal realm of pain.

This is the only place

I can remember

In my ancient existence.

And the gate, I am.

Here it's not a question

Of life and death anymore,

But of torment and despair.

Here lie bodies

Of unnameable kinds,

Tortured by soulless demons

...and worse...

Goodness reflects the light,

And evil, bears the seeds

Of all darkness.

These are the mirrors of the soul,

The reflections of the mind.

So choose well, wanderer,

For here lurk truth and damnation.

It belongs to you

And your imagination."