Killing Time
Killing Time" is a song by Atlanta musician DeDe Vogt. DeDe is a

true Atlanta musician - a major part of the local music scene. She

has played bass for a number of bands, from Indigo Girls to Boink Dee

Deek, to Kristen Hall's former band OK Fine to the Paper Dolls, for

whom she wrote this song. She helps local talent, too - recording

demos and such... And she's a fine singer/songwriter in her own

right - she puts on an interesting set featuring covers from 30's

blues to Joni Mitchell to Led Zeppelin, as well as her own originals,

which are pretty damn good. And she has a really unique style of

guitar fingerpicking - I've never seen anything like it. She also

plays a mean mandolin. And, she's a pretty funny lady, from what

I've observed. Anyway, the girls did this song in 1987. It was kind

of a trade, actually - the girls did the Paper Dolls' "Killing Time,"

and the Dolls did Amy's "Blood and Fire." (MANGLED it, if you ask me

- though I kinda liked the Dolls, even despite that. At least, I

liked two of their covers - Nancy Sinatra's "These Boots are Made For

Walkin'," and Jimi Hendrix's "Fire.") Anyway...

Killing Time.

Who is counting sleepless nights?

Who is counting letters I meant to write?

Who is counting at all?

If you are, I look pretty small


But no matter what I do

If I couldn't be call you mine

If I couldn't be with you

I'd just be killing time

You went searching for me in the night sky

And when I burned away, you wondered why

Well, I'll tell you, babe, I could not bear to stall

I fell too fast, I fell too far


Big, big fishes in little ponds

I've seen them walk around with magic wands


There ain't no magician hidden inside of me

So no matter what you hear, I hope you see

That just when I'm trying to be tall

That's when I end up looking pretty small


No matter what I do

(And you know I will burn)

If I couldn't be call you mine

(Like a star in the sky)

If I couldn't be with you

(All I'd be doing is)

I'd just be killing time