Until the Sun Returns
I am the king of vermin, rodents, rats and plagues.

Of all the darkside, I am monarch, a duke to thrones unknown.

My palace of flesh, a river of souls.

My guards, the souls of war.

Between light and darkness,

between time and infinity, lies my realm I call my own.

I hail nor good, nor a I evil.

I tell not truth, yet I don't lie.

I am not ugly or do I charm.

I hide among the shades.

Although my chest carries a heart, it serves its purpose not.

For life it doesn't bring to me, love and hate is dust.

Without movement still in time, usurping life itself.

I am of substance and of air, a story told no more.

I am not dead and yet I sleep, I do not hear, yet I'm not deaf.

My hands can shape and must destroy, a gracious being, yet insecure.

I am king and I am begger.

I am what you call destiny.