Black Is The Day
Sweet, yes, your cold skinless body

And I feel the rain

As if teardrops crushed my head

But never I will regret my faults

Wandering of spirits

Clearness of symbols, black is the day

Summerland, preside over me

Darkside consuming all happiness

Burdened with guilt

Wasting all flowers, jealousy

Wait, no, do not think that I am helpless

I just stand to fall back

Crawling towards life

When living is exquisite and excessive

You better jump into mankind

Loss of sight, yeah, black is the day

Ail, no, it enters my veins now

So fall down on your knees

Awakening of consciousness

Blooming through my eyes

My dearest enigma

Petals on a wet, black is the day

Hey, father, take me away from here

But I keep for myself

Unveiling my existence Show sympathy for the forgotten

The end of breeding

Reality fades as black is the day

Destiny, embrace me with warmth

Darkness, take pain as she is

Stimulation, revealing in innocence

Affinity, so black is our day.