Filthy Greedy Guilt
blood on his hands, blood on his feet

it's the trial of the century

set him free and fill your wallet

it's your choice so go on and call it

you call it justice, i call it shit

but we're gonna have to live with it

there's nothing much that we can do

the rich go free while the poor get screwed

buy your freedom, sell your conscience

how can you look into the mirror and not see a heartless demon

cause when i look into your eyes thats all i'm seeing

you make a living telling lies

ignoring ignoring innocent peoples' cries

you have no compassion you greedy fuck

and you'd sell your soul to make a fucking buck

buy you freedom, sell your conscience

lying rich bastards drunk with power

charge an arm and a leg just to talk four an hour

tell them your story as we see it on t.v.

as reporters feed blood across our t.v. screen

the nation knows you did it

the lawyers know the law

the judge knows your guilty, but your free on a flaw

if you have a load of money then its plain to see

the poor get incarcerated and the rich go free

kills his kids and beats his wife

you try to set him free and that's not right

it's not alright

you knew he was guilty

but he was greedy and wealthy

his clothes still filthy

filthy rich is what you fucking crave

as you count your money night and day

you bought your car, you even bought your wife

at the expense of someone else's life

justice system

buy your freedom

fuck this system

sell your conscience