I Put You On
featuring Da Brat Rodney Jerkins


Darkchild uh uh

Keith Sweat Da Brat

I like that

Who the one who put you on girl?

I'm the one that put you on

Who the one who put you on girl?

I'm the one that put you on come on


It's funny how you do forget

Where you were before we met

I gave you things you could not dream

Like a (?) car sittin' (?) with a green wood range yeah

Now girl I'd showed you

Life without jewelry

While I loved you

Gave you all of me

Now you act like

Act like you don't know babe

I'm trying to show you

You were the only one

1 - [Keith]

How can you keep buggin'?

When you were poor and struggling

Girl I'm the one that put you on

Girl I took you shopping

When you didn't have nothing

Girl I'm the one that put you on

[Keith] (Rodney)

(Second verse)

Upgraded you to first class flights

And hit you off with so much ice

I had you wearing the finest clothes

Not every guy wants to creep on the low, oh

I though I told you

You could never find

A love that's better

Better girl then mine

But now you're forcing

It is all because of me

Act like you know

Cause girl I put you on

Repeat 1

[Da Brat]

I tried to tell my nigga not to put you on

Cause I seen your stanky ass around here before

He said that you adored him

But I knew it was fake

You wasn't in love with him

You wanted the money and fame

So he gave you a slash of the good life

Most hood rats wanna do more than see what it looks like

I shook dice, bet ten g's that you were just for one night

And not for keeps, then I saw you in the car with Keith

At the mall, in the club at the bar with Keith

And didn't nobody know you was a homie but me

My homie put you in the dopest clothes and fresh sneakers

And now you wanna play showboat and ask if did he

You ain't pretty

You just popular cause they know you done hit it

If it wasn't for him icing you down from ear to ankles

Wouldn't nobody check for you?

So you should thank him

Repeat 1

[Keith] (Da Brat)

Let me tell you girl, oh

You rocking ice because of me

You got a jeep because of me

You're looking fly because of me

You got a Benz because of me

You got a house because of me

You got it all because of me

You got minks because of me

I put you on (yeah, yeah)

I put you on (who is put this on? Darkchild)

I put you on (who is on this? Da Brat)

I put you on (Keith Sweat, it's like that)

I put you on (You know Rodney Jerkins is dopest)

I put you on (1999)

I put you on (You know how we do)

I put you on (To the two to the two)

I put you on (Like that from all of my crew)

Fade out with ad-libs