Coconut Cream
sled dogs after dinner close their eyes on the howling' wastes kurt cobain, reincarnated, sighs and licks his face then they drift

past strips of serengeti and the gates of sleepy hollow too you can pause in wonder, they paused in wonder and yea, i paused in

wonder too just don't wake daddy

they can lay their heads on their futon-beds, so many miles from home you teach yout children some fashion sense and they

fashion some of their own for when the policy-weary commmune on the untamed land through white sheers whispers in their

ears, you're damned and don't wake daddy

you can stuff yer void with the asteroid that's hurtlin toward the earth you can drop the bomb that restores some calm then

promises rebirth just don't wake daddy

it's the perfect time now for an eclectic choice they're all asleep but us now it's time to hear your voice

sing to end all songs to end all songs