Systematic Instruction
Suffering from a disaese

The morbid symptoms aren`t identifiable

Physicians; they disagree

Fighting is the thus impossible

Vainly you wait for a cure

But there's pain you have to endure

You don't have to add you to dead

Leave your faith in science`s hands

Research might lead to your salvation

while you're in a state of suspended animation

After the aneasthesia

comes pure nitrogen

In many degrees below zero

An ice-bound human being

Can they disabuse him of

his as yet unknow disease?

Then maybe in the future

the machines will stop to freeze

The blood is no longer liquid

No palpitations of the heart

Stone cpld hardened intestines

There will never be a new start

Ages wait for a cure

No more pain they have to endure

They added themselves to the dead

Left their faith in science`s hands

Forever frozen is their destination

In a state of suspended animation