Blow By Blow
I cant forgive and

I cant forget

Its never simple that way

Too proud to let you know

Oh know I wish it was so

It frightens me to say

Why dont I let sombody new

Take me home

Lately I feel so alone

Somebody new would make it easier

For me to let you go

Oh no

So be it

Let it be so

Its better this way Baby

Well you can take me down

What a way to go

Blow by Blow

Its how it always happens

In the throws of passion

Is it any wonder

Its no wonder at all

Just to live a lifetime

In the space of a lifetime

Well its the hardest thing to do

But therell be nothing after you

Blow by Blow

Kill me slow

Blow by Blow

What a way to go

Hey hey hey..........

You didnt mean those things you said

You didnt mean those things