Shell Shocked
featuring Fiend

Intro: Mac(Fiend)

What's up world

(Whoa nigga)

Welcome to the battlefield

(Shell Shocked nigga)

Where all them niggas is Shell Shocked

(9 8)

Ya heard me

(Shell Shocked nigga)

Chorus: Mac

I represent them Shell Shocked niggas

Them on the block with it cocked niggas

Them cell block niggas

Them run up in your hot spot niggas

Them if we doin bad gimme what you got niggas

Verse 1: Mac

Oh I hit the stage with a vengeance quotin that murder sentence

Make 'em wanna act a fool and get some blood up on they tennis

Nigga, you ain't with me come and get me I'm strapped

We can take it to them streets or we can rap, so what's hap?

King Solomon's my nigga till they kill us at war

Whoever said they saw it, get them dirty gats to them jaws

The microphone assassin, you heard about me, so nigga don't doubt me

You fuck around and get that can a murda murda out me

I hold a grudge like them bitches hold dicks, infiltrate whole cliques

While I'm stompin in them soldier kicks

Fifty dollars, that's a killin no doubt

Sleepy Eyes, that's my nigga put the gat to they mouth

It's been a long time comin, I keep the shit runnin

Tell them niggas who was holdin that beef, the cooks comin

Tank Dog til they bury me, I cross my heart

Bury me with camo and ammo in case the devil wanna start somethin


Verse 2: Fiend

Well I'm that nigga Sleepy Eyes, all my weapons are camouflaged


Born despised, that's when they named me ?Yaffa yaffa five?

Chemically grown for murda, murda it be my clone

Mister Shell Shock and get it on Jones up in your home

Watch me hit 'em, get 'em, lit 'em, Fiend gon split 'em

Ya ain't know it, I got it bucked on that let's go get 'em

Form my tent gear rhythm, causin ghetto circumcisions

Betta be barred behind prison, than facin this expedition

On a mission with my right hand man Mac, my brother

Use a garbage bag to smother mothers and they lovers

Undercovers fear us, can't watch, we got it on lock

My baby's first words gun glock, cause that nigga's Shell Shocked


Verse 3: Mac

Big Mac, that's my daddy, rotten dirty straight up soldier ya heard me

Ain't no secret one of the realest niggas I creep with

Since I was little taught me what's real

Gave me the skill on how to tote that loaded steel

And I, I kill kill

Deep nine Train gave me his name

Gave me the game, gave me them thangs

Ya fuck with me, he'll give you a bullet in yo brain

Hey man, my nigga Wapp, cut the table, camouflaged my label

Put the nigga gangstafied like we Kane and Abel

Storm that's my thug love til I die

Shell Shocked bout to go in that water with them when it's time to ride

When we unload inside of anger

My soldier rag made me a stranger

Harm them niggas who was about that danger(Shell Shocked)

Outro: Mac

And there you have it

Shell Shocked, the first born


If y'all want me niggas, come and get me

I ain't hard to find