It Wont Take Long
They said some men would be warriors

Some men would be kings

Some men would be owners of land

And other man-made things

False love as the eternal flame

Would move some to think in rings

And gold would be our power

And other foolish things

And you who dream of liberty

Must not yourselves be fooled

Before you get to plea for freedom

You've agreed to being ruled

If the body stays a shackle

Then the mind remains a chain

And that will link you to your destiny

Where by other souls are slain

It won't take long

It won't take too long at all

Three men in a desert wandering

One is knowing and two are scared

They say time is in the river

Oh but the river is not there

Dry in spirit

Dry in body

Two will lend themselves to death

And in grief one weeps into his hands

And drinks his bitter tears

'cause it don't take long

It don't take too long at all

No it don't take long

You may say

I don't know what you're talking about

And i say

You mean to tell me that's all

And i stand before you now

I am hopeful in my rage

You know love has finally called for me

I will not wilt upon its stage

But you know still smaller than my nightmare

Now do i print upon the page

And do we have to live inside its walls

To identify the cage

'cause it takes so long

Why does it take so long

And it takes so long

You may say

I don't really care what you're talking about

I'm gonna ask you

You trying to tell me you don't belong

I am my mother's daughter

But i have seen myself in you

It's this blessing that i follow now

And so i must speak true-