Chalice Of The Lunar Blood
Come! Come closer...

You, o Beauty, dressed in moonlight

and the snakeheads of ivy leaves

entwin e your white neck...

Come! Come here...

spit on me, spit on me

for I am the dust under your feet

unexpected and unwanted, I am your portrait,

water and salt, air to breathe

Come closer...

let's climb to the sky

to heights of ecstasy

to hell and back

and then

I put on your tongue

one little drop of my sperm

it's bitter

tastes like old bread

tastes like stone

tastes like pain

blinded by the red suns of yur nipples

gropingly looking for a source of light

I find the spring of sacred wine

pour me some

crown my pillar with your living flesh

and I will bless you with my semen

be my wueen of enraptured love

priestess of the black summer night

jewels of my sperm illuminate your misty crown