Aiyyo Crack, these niggaz is playin mad childish games

Niggaz act like it's a rap..

Yeah it's a rap, for y'all motherf-rr-uckers

Niggaz replacin the 'G' in gangsta, with PR's and W's

Pranksta wanksta-ass niggaz

You know roses on caskets of those that oppose the squadus

Fuck tri-borough, we reppin five borough

Get at these niggaz straight music!

[Fat Joe]

Yo, Friday night, woke up in a cold sweat

I can't believe niggaz schemin on Jo-seph

Nah man, this ain't the way it's goin down

Niggaz talk too much shit, and I jump like the sound

They fear my presence like the rest of them

Jose's the bettin informer, flesh-n-blood like the president

Now maybe I'm a target on the pedastal

Got a little fame now, niggaz wanna harm me for my revenues

Start ya little beef, that's the shit I love to eat

I been a soldier, you a son, be a humble seed

My own niggaz let them hoes make 'em envy

Posin like they friendly when I'm knowin they resent me

That's the shit that get me aggrevated

It be the same niggaz in ya face talkin bout "I'm glad ya made it"

Fake niggaz.. Jers' State niggaz..

Funny how cake can make ya learn to hate niggaz

You've now tuned in to the sounds of Jose

Where we push sex, money, drugs, and violence all day

Mostly heard in penals and project hallways

And by niggaz blowin trees out the back of O.J.'s


(J) These jealous niggaz is worse than bitches!

(O) The ones that get knocked is bound to turn snitches!

(S) Still talkin shit, still ain't shit!

(E) You envious niggaz can suck my dick!


(J) Hahaha, ohhh, now y'all feelin the kid

(O) Yeah nigga, South Boogie ain't goin nowhere

(S) Don Squad-agena, Terror Squad that is

(E) Blaze niggaz over beats, in the streets

Joe Crack gon' hold that down

You seen the kid up in the clubs; BET, MTV,

on yo' block, on my block, however you wanna fuckin slice it

Bastards, POOF!!

Uh.. uh.. uh.. uh..

Uh.. uh.. uh.. uh